«Diasoft Flextera»


Our special offering to the global financial market is FLEXTERA — the SOA-based universal solution for front-to-back automation of financial services. FLEXTERA is designed for retail, corporate, universal and investment banks, treasuries, non-government pension funds and insurance companies, and offers the broadest range of advanced tools to support modern banking and insurance products and services, operations at financial markets, accounting and reporting, and operations and HR management.

Our solutions are successfully used by more than 340 banks including 6 of the TOP10 world’s most profitable banks and 12 of the 50 largest international banks. With over 1200 highly qualified specialists Diasoft implements more than 600 projects per year to deliver to our Customers the most advanced inventory for their business development.

Modern technological principles lying at the core of all FLEXTERA solutions in combination with their broadest functionality provide our Customers with limitless opportunities for their business development in accord with market trends and clients’ requirements. Meeting the highest demands for flexibility, scalability, performance and reliability, FLEXTERA has become a perfect choice for both mature and emerging markets seeking for a new platform to support their dynamic business development or willing to renovate the existing legacy solutions.
FLEXTERA’s functional scope is divided in accordance with the inherent nature of the financial operations and covers all areas of modern financial business with:

  • FLEXTERA Front Office responsible for Multi-channel Front Office operations and customer relations management for ubiquitous client servicing;
  • FLEXTERA Middle Office offering a set of components for Middle Office risk management and decision making functions;
  • FLEXTERA Back Office providing tools for traditional Back Office and Core Banking operations including daily banking transactions processing; financial products and services origination and management; deposit, loan, and credit-processing capabilities; unique internal product accounting tools;
  • FLEXTERA Reporting presenting a set of comprehensive BI and reporting tools;
  • FLEXTERA Accounting offering modern tools for Tax accounting and General Ledger support;
  • FLEXTERA Insurance covering all areas of insurance business and allowing its Customers to realize any possible model of insurance servicing.
  • In addition to broad financial functionality, all our solutions bring to their Customers the enhanced value of modern integration and development tools due to FLEXTERA Java System Platform used as a basis for other FLEXTERA functional components.

    Every function within the solution is performed by separate components which allows the Customer to use them as universal building blocks of their financial architecture, easily deploy or replace new modules and avoid undesirable interdependencies of separate functions and slowing down of the system’s operation. These components together with the infrastructural tools form FLEXTERA Financial Architecture.

    FLEXTERA’s Technological Excellence is achieved through the wide adoption of the leading market solutions and the most advanced technological trends.

    SGI (Societe Generale Insurance) 01.10.2013
    The project customer is LLC “Societe Generale Insurance” on the Russian market since 2006. The main activities – credit life insurance, the classic life insurance, savings insurance program.
    Basic tools and technologies: ExtJS, Cayenne(ORM), WebSphere (application server community edition), Maven, iReport.
    Further development, management of insurance products.
    inspos ws, instarificators ws (tasksetters).


    VTB insurance (07.2013)
    Our company took part in the project “VTB – Insurance” in cooperation with the Moscow company “Diasoft”.

    The project customer is the insurance company “VTB Insurance” was created in 2000. The company provides a full range of insurance services for businesses and individuals, including:

    property insurance;
    personal insurance;
    Insurance of various types of civil and professional liability, including mandatory car insurance(OSAGO).
    Basic tools and technologies: ExtJS, Cayenne(ORM), WebSphere (application server community edition), Maven, iReport.


    KMB (Khanty-Mansiysk Bank) 05.2013
    The project customer is “Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk ” was founded in 1992. The main activities – lending, account services for corporate and private clients, attracting household deposits, transactions in the foreign exchange market and the stock market.