«Notification Tool»


“OSSystem” Company development project «Notification» in partnership with «Go Tripod».

The tool is designed for mass mailing notifications E-mail to internal and external customers.

“OSSystem” Company implemented following functions:

    • notification template;

  • Scheduled reminders;
  • flexible system integration;
  • update the initial notification;
  • attachment notifications;
  • internal and external notification;
  • access rights;
  • audit log;
  • history notices;
  • advanced search;
  • unlimited list of e-mail addresses.

Purpose of the project:

  • increase in efficiency;
  • Fast delivery notifications;
  • Creation of customer lists is easy ;
  • Customer satisfaction (customer will only receive notifications that are relevant to the products and services to which they subscribe.)

Basic tools and technologies: ExtJS 4.2, Silex, MySQL, LDAP, REST API, PHP CLI, Gmail SMTP Server, MVC.