Outsourcing & Outstaffing


We are happy to offer outsourcing services. If your company is not engaged in IT work but the specifics of your business require a continuous investment in technology, this service is optimal for you.

IT outsourcing will save you from having to setup a special department within your company. You will not have to bear the costs associated with hiring, training and managing IT professionals or deal with purchasing and maintaining new technology. This will free up your work and allow you to focus on the core of your business.

According to MarketVisio Consulting; 2012, the main motivating factors for the using of oursourcing are:

  1. Lack of own IT expertise (34.2%)
  2. The lack of its own IT staff (26.7%)
  3. Advanced technology of IT provider (22.3%)
  4. Tight deadlines for the implementation of IT projects (18.8%)
  5. The need to improve the quality of internal users (17.8 %)
  6. The lack of their own equipment (12.8 %)
  7. Cost reduction (1.8%)
  8. Others (10.5 %)

While this suggests the main factor is a lack of experience, we feel the primary factor for IT outsourcing should be to reduce the costs and time spent hiring skilled professionals.

The concept of outsourcing was created when Kodak unloaded the work of their money-losing IT service to IBM in 1989. Since then, the term and practice has taken root all over the world. Many companies including 40% of those in the United States choose to enhance their business by outsourcing IT services.

IT outsourcing in the Ukrainian market is rapidly growing. We are constantly evolving to stay current with the global market and attract highly capable IT professionals to make sure our business meets your objectives and operates within financial feasibility. After all, our success depends directly on yours.

Outsourcing is popular in a number of markets including financial services (banking, insurance and investment), telecommunications, and the airline industry. It is necessary for these companies to react quickly, flexibly, and precisely. This is achieved through stable IT systems that are difficult to develop without outsourcing.

Some projects that are standard for us would require a bank or insurance company to spend a lot of time and money to develop. This isn’t to say that a project for one client is copied to all other clients. Rather, the experience and knowledge of our outsourcers allows them to cope with the development more effectively. We have already solved market specific problems and can put that experience to work for you.

About outstaffing:

Outstaffing is the use offsite professionals in your company- essentially an employee of our team becomes an employee of yours.

What advantage is this to you?

First of all it will reduce the load on your personnel department. Costs of hiring and managing employees will be reduced and you minimize the risk and delegation of responsibility. If you choose our outstaffing service you get:

  • Highly skilled co-workers
  • The ability to increase your staff quickly
  • The possibility of replacing specialists on request
  • Strict accountability

Our specialists are placed under the client’s command, placing them in compliance with their corporate standards and practices.

Outstaffing is perfectly legal and allows you to optimize your staff by reducing your tax obligations, training costs, sick days and compensatory time off. It allows you to hire specialized staff quickly while the responsibility for labor relations is handled by OSSystem executives.

Our primary task is to see to the needs of the customer. In addition to reducing costs and improving budgets, we can also enhance your business and provide a competitive edge without a lowered risk of losses.