Software Development


We offer a wide range of services in software development. Our team excels at creating software that will fit your needs using up-to-date programing platforms and languages that are most suitable for a given task.

Software is used in almost every industry including finance, insurance, transportation, telecommunications, education, health care, intellectual services, manufacturing, the service industry, and internet based businesses. No matter what area you work in, software can allow for easier automation of processes and can improve the performance of your company.

We offer the full designing and implementation of software that will allow you to operate your business successfully while reducing the costs of management, communications and data transmission. Our team can develop individual modules or provide the customer with a turnkey solution, while providing services to help migrate from old systems to new technologies. The readymade solutions in our portfolio are also available, which can be customized depending on a customer’s requirements.

Today, JAVA development is leading to enterprise-wide information and server systems. Our specialists can develop solutions on a standard platform, Java (J2SE), a mobile platform like J2ME, and J2EE.

During development our software professionals use a three-tier architectural model that contains three components: the client application (usually called “thin client” or terminal), an application server that is connected to the client, and the database that runs the application server.

One such product we offer, known as Diasoft Flextera, is modeled in this way. You can read more about this, and other readymade solutions we offer on our portfolio page.

When creating software, we make use of the following technologies.

Databases: ORACLE, My SQL, Interbase, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, Memched, APC).

Our experts are capable of using the following programing languages:

  • PHP (OOP, Patterns, Symphony, Yii, Zend Framework)
  • Java (Cayenne, Hibernate, Spring, JPA, WebService, ORM)
  • JS (ExtJS / Sencha, jQuery, MooTools)
  • Delphi, HTML5, CSS3, Compass / SASS

In the process of testing our software, our testers use the following tools: PHPUnit, Selenium, IDE, Framework Junit, TestNg.