Web Development


If you’re thinking about creating a website then OSSYSTEM is the right place to start. Our professional team is knowledgeable in the programing languages and web standards that can help realize your ideas in the shortest amount of time.

In order to provide a service that fits your needs and budget, we classify the sites we can create into the following categories:

  • Creation of business card site

This is the best option for small businesses that have just started to conquer the web. Development of a small website that eloquently and professionally conveys the name of a business and the services it offers would take no longer than a week. The price depends on your needs and requirements.

  • Creation of corporate website

This is a site that will establish a good reputation on the web and help keep your customers informed. It’s functional with a creative design that will help promote your business and focus on sales. The creation of a corporate website will take between one week to a month depending on your needs and requirements.

  • Creation of an online store

An online store is the key to success- allowing you to optimize costs and conduct business on the internet. Whether used as a primary marketplace or in tandem with an existing storefront, a properly executed online store is an efficient, low-maintenance way of doing business.

We encourage our clients to use Magento to power their online store. Being the most popular eCommerce software in the world, Magneto is used by companies such as Villeroy & Boch, Lenovo, 20th Century Fox, Samsung, Nokia and many others.

In addition, we will create for you a web-based resource for integrating and managing the rest of your business. Using different modules we can connect your online store to enterprise software and internal accounting systems across your entire operation. For example, you would be able to update the prices of your products in the warehouse using software we provide and immediately see these changes reflected online.

To have a successful online store it must be functional and convenient with a harmonious design that is fast and responsive to customer orders. This is exactly what our experience and skillset can offer you.

  • Creation of an Internet portal

An internet portal is a high traffic website that is specifically designed to provide users with information or media from multiple sources. We can create for you an attractive, easy to navigate portal with a branched structure that can be customized depending on your needs.

Whatever your goal may be, we can help you design a web portal that will achieve it. This site may serve as a powerful media outlet with the option for users to upload their own content, or as a means of promoting a business by providing information on products and services.

The more complex your requirements are, the more interesting the project is for us. Our experts know and develop with all the latest technologies in this matter. We have experience with the following databases: ORACLE, My SQL, Interbase, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, Memched, APC).

We are skilled with many programing languages and are able to create a site that adheres to the latest standards and is displayed flawless across a variety of devices. These programing languages include:

  • PHP (OOP, Patterns, Symphony, Yii, Zend Framework)
  • Java (Cayenne, Hibernate, Spring, JPA, WebService, ORM)
  • JS (ExtJS / Sencha, jQuery, MooTools)
  • CMS (Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress)
  • HTML5, CSS3, Compass / SASS, responsive design

In the processing of testing sites, our testers use the following tools: PHPUnit, Selenium, IDE, Framework Junit, TestNg.

This is not a complete list of our capabilities. If you have any questions about what we can make possible for you, please contact us.