Powered by OracleECLIPSE – an information system automating business processes of container terminal. Main objective of the system is operational management and accounting of transactions conducted with the container.

Tasks for management system of container terminal:

1.Obtaining and pre-treating an information from companies;

2.Operational planning activities and operations of the reception and handling of containers;

3.Monitoring and recording of transactions unloading, loading and movement of containers;

4.Reduced downtime of vehicles, ships, railway trains;

5.Getting accurate and timely information about the location of containers;

6. Processing of data on the services rendered and the formation of accounting documents.

Description of individual functions of the ECLIPSE

Management of warehouse operations:

    • Acceptance of containers and cargo, the placement of the goods loaded into cells (shelves, outdoor areas) storage and terminal area;
    • Shipment of cargo and containers. Join fact shipment under the order.

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  • Automatic generation of acts of reception, acceptance documents, certificates of stuffing and unpacking, storage other necessary documents;
  • Intrawarehouse and other movement of goods, repacking operations;
  • Stuffing / disbanding in / out of the container.

The subsystem of the forwarding department:

  • Logging in various orders (purchase orders) from clients, line companies to conduct cargo operations;
  • Tracking of work orders according to the termina;
  • Manual or automatic closure orders by volume of work actually performed;
  • Synchronization of the main regulatory reference qualifiers.

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The main accountability:

  • Formation of the various statements by the presence and movements of cargo and containers in warehouses;
  • Control report issuance and return of empty containers to the terminal;
  • Analysis of the performance of applications for different types of operations on the terminal;
  • View all passing through the container terminal in a tabular form with the ability to filter;
  • Print and export (in MS Excel and HTML) any tabular data.

Additional possibilities:

  • Delineation of the roles and responsibilities between employees subject to control permissions to perform the required operation;
  • user actions.

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