“Expo” – a modern tool to get up the efficiency of freight forwarding business
The program allows you to fully take into account the operational and financial activities of the freight forwarding company.

Main Features

  1. Manage customer base – detailed information for each client, contact information and contact persons, changes in the state of relations with customers. Ability to generate reports on the state of relations with customers and keep track of the “active” and “lost” customers in a given period, as well as the ability to analyze the status of customer and analysis of the performance of employees.
  2. The account history of contacts with clients, registering clients’ needs, planning, contact people, a system of reminders – all this helps to organize the effective work of managers.
  3. The account Operations forwarding company:
    • The account details of marine and land transportation,
    • Join obtaining documents from the client,
    • Account the bill of lading and its parts
    • Extracts orders, assignments,
  4. The account financial activities of freight forwarding companies:
    • Invoices,
    • The account costs in the context of accounts, containers, bills of lading, transport managers,
    • Calculation of gross profit on the account, the transport line, the manager or on the company as a whole,
    • Accounting for settlements with counterparties,
    • Control and accounting of cash flows,
    • Reports on the activities of the enterprise and financial performance,
    • Reports to analyze various statistics,
    • Accounting of fixed assets,
    • Exchange rate differences,
  5. Additional modules for accounting, operational and financial activities of liner agent:
    • The account Bills of Lading
    • The calculation of commissions,
    • Calculation storage
    • The container control (accounting for all types of container movements, reporting to the line on the movement of containers)
  6. The “Expo” includes the ability to set up communication with the accounting system “1C: Accounting 8.0.”
  7. The presence of e-mail client allows you to interact with customers quickly, with data stored in the correspondence of a single information system “Expo”.

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