Our company development a system to automate«HR», recruitment process for hr agencies.

implemented Features:

    • Maintains a database of candidates with the registration statement, information about education, work experience, wage, skills, knowledge, language, jobs, etc..;
    • The ability to attach files (CV) to the candidate;
    • The ability to add events to the candidates;
    • Quick Search by name candidates;
    • Reminders on the events of the candidate;
    • Calendar of Events;
    • Implemented security (authentication, authorization);
    • Access rights;

  • Getting information about the work of each member;
  • Implemented directories (vacancies, companies, languages, currencies, customers, skills, regions, industries, types of employment);
  • Construction of summary reports.

Basic tools and technologies: ExtJS 4.2, silex, twig, doctrine2, css, html, jquery, js

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