The software package “ProdExpo”:

  • Allows you to automate the entire range of commodity-money relations, accounting for commodities and materials of the company, including the creation of financial statements.
  • For storing and processing data using database «Oracle». The interface is presented in the form of a conventional Windows-based applications.
  • Integrates with any accounting system, for example 1C: Enterprise 7.7/8.0/8.1/8.2, and can be integrated with existing automation systems company.
The software package “ProdExpo” automates business processe:

Working with commodities and materials:
  • Receipt of goods in warehouses or stores, wholesale or internal movement of goods from the warehouse to any;
  • Automation of warehouse inventory;
  • Return of goods shipped to the buyer;
  • Stock management;
  • Automatic identification of goods at the bar code;
  • Accounting of goods;
  • Reservation of goods and assembly order.
Dealing with finances:
  • Parish / flow, internal displacement of the company’s cash;
  • Payroll.
The software package “ProdExpo” is intended to:
  • Own warehouses wholesalers;
  • warehouse complexes;
  • Distribution centers retail;
  • supermarket;
  • customs terminals;
  • Bars / Restaurants.
Supported by the Equipment:

Barcode Scanner:

Metrologic, Zebex, CipherLab, Datalogic, Symbol, Posiflex, Opticon, Argox, и тд.;
barcode printer:
Godex, Datamax, Zebra, CITOH, Argox, и тд.;
data terminals:
Argox, Metrologic, CipherLab, Casio, PSC, Symbol и тд.;
CL5000, CL5000JI, LP(1.6);
Cash registers:
MINI-T 400МЕ (MINI-T400), MINI-600.04ME
control cash registrar;
touch-screen monitors.

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