Powered by OracleSUPRA – accounting information system and document management container terminal. The project is presented as a logistics module – option of solving many problems.

Allows you to maintain records of transactions carried out with the containers, keep records of money received for the provision of services and works, to issue invoices and acts on the services provided.

Using the capabilities of the program, you can get statistics for any forwarder in the form of a container, the amount of services rendered. The same can be obtained for any period of time or a certain number. A special place is occupied by the filter system, allowing to build dynamic random sampling conditions.

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The program also allows you to remotely monitor areas in the online-mode.

The implementation of the system using a client-server technology allows you to use the program as a local variant of the single-user and multi-user at the local office or as a distributed system. The system switches on the function “change log for users”, which allows you to track all changes.

“Supra” is integrated with the popular software MSOffice, which makes it more flexible and easier to work with large volumes of similar data. All documents (statements, bills, plumb lines) are formed as a Word file or Excel, magazines support the technology to export data to Excel.

One important advantage is that the program is built according to the rules of a single interface, allowing users to adapt quickly and intuitively perform the necessary operations.

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