Web application – is an intranet system based on web technologies, designed to address the following issues in the organization:

informing employees.Publish news and highlights of the event. Promptly communicated to staff orders and instructions manual. Place any documents necessary for employees to work.
Corporate culture development and internal PR. Are encouraged to participate in corporate events of all company employees. Share photos from past events. Shape the idea of ​​the image of the company and the right vision of corporate policy at employees. Make the most of creativity, experience and knowledge of the company’s employees. Keep their corporate activities and involve the social life of the company.
Induction and training of new employees . Place any information that will help new employees quickly adapt and begin to work effectively. Publish training and reference materials in any format: text, images, documents, video and audio files.
Interactive Features . Conduct surveys, questionnaires and polls on various topical issues. All results are stored in the system and are always available for further processing.
telephone directory, to quickly find contact details and other information about colleagues.
Permanent access proven and relevant information on the company and the necessary documents: orders, requests or instructions.
Possibility of active participation in social life of the company.
The possibility of formal and informal communication with colleagues.

Web application provides the following features:

    • Overall, relevant and reliable information about the company to employees of all offices and branches. General company news and news of individual branches.
    • Educational, informational and promotional materials for dealers and remote office workers.
    • Ability to communicate employees remote offices with specialists headquarters.

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  • Broad opportunities for display usage statistics intranet system.


  • Publication of texts, images and documents
  • Telephone directory with advanced search
  • Birthday reminders and new employees
  • Voting and feedback form
  • forum
  • private ads
  • Processing of user profiles
  • The mechanism of import a list of employees
  • Vacancies
  • Photo Gallery